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Beit Shmuel

Beit Shmuel is located at the heart of Jerusalem as part of a unique and beautiful campus housing an educational, cultural and accommodation center. The venue offers a large variety of activities, including performances and entertainment, courses and lectures, tours, seminars and conferences.


This small boutique-like hotel, with its friendly and intimate atmosphere, offers high standard spacious and well designed rooms for couples and families. Rooms can accommodate up to 4 guests per unit. Most rooms include a balcony overlooking the ancient walls of the Old City.

Cultural Events

All year round, the Hirsch Theater hosts a large variety of high-quality cultural events: Dance, drama, entertainment shows and musical performances with the participation of the best of performers and artists in the areas of classical, folk and international music.

Conferences & Events

The Blaustein Hall represents the central area of Mercaz Shimshon and was designed by international award-winning architect Moshe Safdie. Mercaz Shimshon is situated adjacent to Beit Shmuel and was opened in 2001. The hall is located on the building’s roof and represents a unique architectural work.

Upcoming Events: