The Cezanne Group provides a special culinary experience at a number of locations within Beit Shmuel, during private and business functions for companies and organizations. The Cezanne Group has been active for more than 20 years as one of the most exclusive catering firms in Jerusalem and its surroundings.


Mercaz Shimshon: The Blaustein Hall






The Blaustein Hall represents the central area of Mercaz Shimshon and was designed by international award-winning architect Moshe Safdie. Mercaz Shimshon is situated adjacent to Beit Shmuel and was opened in 2001. The hall is located on the building’s roof and represents a unique architectural work. It is covered by a large glass dome with a panoramic window offering a spectacular view of the historic and moving scenery of Jerusalem’s Old City with the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David at its center.
The hall’s extraordinary glass ceiling is of varying height and reaches up to 12 meters. It consists of a number of geometric  spaces and arches interlocking at different heights. The hall’s area comprises about 400 square meters and has no pillars.
Events taking place in the hall can accommodate up to 350 guests seated around tables. The hall’s front area features glass doors leading out onto a terrace with an open panorama offering a view of the Tower of David; it can accommodate an additional 120 persons.
Private and business functions at the Blaustein Hall combine an authentic and exciting Jerusalem experience with a complete culinary pleasure. Many of the events taking place on the premises are reserved  by guests from all over the world who have heard that this special venue offers an extraordinary historic view.

The Beit Shmuel Patio






The Beit Shmuel Patio offers a beautiful and serene inner courtyard right in the heart of Jerusalem, tiled with Jerusalem flagstones, surrounded by stone arches and crisscrossed by narrow water channels. The patio is shaded by palms and other trees and strewn with luscious potted plants. This intimate courtyard presents an ideal venue for Jerusalem-style events during the day in the spring and fall as well as on balmy Jerusalem summer nights.
The patio offers room for up to 300 guests seated around tables, for receptions, festive cocktail parties and even live performances.

The Beit Shmuel Roof Terrace






The terrace looks out onto the Old City and the Tower of David on one side, and on the other onto the prestigious Mamilla complex. The luscious potted plants and breathtaking view make this location into an ideal venue for receptions and other elegant events.
The events taking place on the terrace are of an exclusive quality and are able to host up to 100 guests seated around tables. The terrace has no roof and is not used during the winter months as an area for separate events but as part of the Blaustein Hall.


Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies:
How does everything under one roof sound? By holding your next family event here, you will gain unmatched access to: a great location, just five minutes from the Old City, with an amazing view of The Kotel (Western Wall); access to a Torah Scroll; the services of a Reform Rabbi and our delicious catering options that include a menu tailored to your wishes and expectations. Begin your great day's ceremony at the Kottel and continue celebrating at Beit Shmuel, located within five minutes walking distance. Use our facilities and say 'goodbye' to all the stress usually connected with event planning.

A Wedding to Remember:
We would like to arrange your next wedding ceremony, under the stars with a view of the Old City walls. Our facility can accommodate up to 400 guests and provide you, your family and friends with culinary masterpieces, courtesy of Jerusalem's top catering service. In addition, the bride and groom can use our chic hotel rooms for pre-wedding preparations and even for their first night on honeymoon!

Brit Milah and Zeved HaBat (Simchat Bat) Ceremonies:
Use our magnificent "Elijah's Chair" to celebrate the birth of your new child. We can help you select the space that best meets your needs: from 10 to 400 guests, indoors or outdoors.

Shabbat Chatan Ceremonies (pre-wedding):
Our warm and inviting facilities are geared to providing the best, most memorable experience and intoxicating atmosphere. The Old City walls provide Beit Shmuel/Mercaz Shimshon with a stunning backdrop. We offer 11 high standard hotel rooms in total, all of which you can reserve with enough advance notice. Make our intimate accommodations your home for the time you're in Israel and ensure that your family and loved ones have the privacy they desire.

Whatever the occasion, Beit Shmuel is the ideal setting to celebrate that family Simcha you always wanted to celebrate in Jerusalem.
We are here to make your event an unforgettable moment!

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